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You don’t joke with your money, right? Relax. We don’t either. Everything here is secure. And security doesn’t mean that it must be complex. We've made this very easy for everyone to use. On top of that, we can accommodate your business, no matter how big it grows.

  • Secure transactions with 99.9% guarantee

  • Easily make payments

  • Almost free — with very little cost

A wide selection of ways to process transactions online

One-time Payment

A customized payment for that one client, with a unique pay URL

Milestone Payment

A Payment in fractions, with a clearly defined pay list bound by escrow.

Crowd Payment

A goal-driven payment option, with a unique pay URL, bound by escrow.

POS Payment

Pay with mobile, scan QR, efficient for POS services, not bound by escrow

Product Pay

An advanced payment from Scrow mini-store, for a unique payment URL per product


  • Sending Funds
  • Withdrawing Funds

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This calculator estimates the total fees associated with your transaction.

Scrow fee is calculated from:

  • how long you keep the money in Scrow
  • the country you're transacting from
  • the amount involved

Enter withdrawal amount

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This calculator estimates the total fees associated with your withdrawal.

Scrow fee is calculated from:

  • the country you're transacting from
  • the amount involved

Customers' Testimonies

We stay true to our promise, making sure every transaction is free from fraud. Here's what our loyal customers think of Scrow.

Using Pandascrow, we’ve seen a significant increase in our transaction and we can onboard customers online much easier and faster.

Hakeem Olasupo

Scrow is the best. It was so simple to use and, access and my transaction were successful. Its definitely a 5 star for me, Scrow rocks!

Mercy Efeh

Scrow is user friendly and very accessible, I haven't experienced any hitch ups yet.

Muna Mercy Johnson

My experience with Circlepanda remains invaluable. Security, Speed, convenience, and affordability. What else can one wish for? Escrow remains ever laser-focused and able to recognize, navigate through the potential land mines that could arise from this ever-changing field and, I found its expertise in payments, business strategy, and compliance to be right on target.

Ernest Uzuondu

You will agree with me that trust is hard to find on the internet. That narrative changed with Pandascrow, clients now find it easy to make payment for their orders because of the trust Pandascrow has brought into the payment system. Thanks for all you do Pandascrow.

Ekii @ekiiclothing

I don't have to beg for trust, my clients when I mention to them I receive payment with Pandascrow, feel safe all ready to get started, this has increased our sales up to 45%

Gift Chris Wuche

You wanna know how we grew from 1 to 50%? Pandascrow is the secret. I love you guys.

Eseohe Asuelimen

In the Agricultural sector, trust is an important sector of growth between inter-trade between farmers and merchant/vendors/businesses. We strive to lead the pack in the industry. We couldn't have done it better without pandascrow.

Aquila Kalagbor

Gobble 'n' Gulp owes a lot to Pandascrow for existing just at the right time to help my business gain credibility, several times safe transaction has been recorded ever since I went from traditional payment acceptance to digital escrow payment acceptance.

Precious Ben

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