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#1 Escrow Service in Nigeria 🇳🇬

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Protecting Africans One Transaction at a Time.

Pandascrow protects Nigerians from scams in transactions, ensuring security with our escrow service.

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Trusted by over 100 businesses

Most Reliable Escrow Service in Nigeria, Africa - Pandascrow

Built for the future of digital commerce

With our customer-focused escrow solutions, tomorrow starts now.

Pandascrow Escrow Payme


Receive secure payments directly from your customers with a unique escrow payme link

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Vendor Verify

Falling once is bad enough. Why fall again? Don't want to pay with escrow? Cool. But run background checks before you pay a dime.

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Sending money to anywhere in the world without hassles. It's as simple as clicking a button with just a phone number.

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Businesses powered by Pandascrow

Here are some businesses that use some interesting features powered by Pandascrow escrow engine.

Bingpay — Easy payment of home and office bills.

BingPay, a bills payment startup that helps individuals and businesses easily pay due bills online.

BingPay uses Pandascrow's Checkout API to process one-time wallet funding transactions on their application, giving each customer a seamless and secure transaction experience.

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Pandastore – Marketplace for selling more online.

Pandascrow storefront is determined to crack down on fraudsters and scammers posing as users on their platform.

Using Pandascrow's escrow checkout payment option, it now facilitates a healthier marketplace for its users and curbs fraud by 80%.

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Twitter, Instagram, & WhatsApp Vendors

Avoid going back and forth with customers in the DM, getting screenshots upon screenshots all in a bid to describe a product, and time-wasting on unserious buyers.

That is why vendors like Meryl, Perpzart, Clair Travel and tour, and others use Pandascrow's payme link to receive payments and product orders from customers. To turn over better profits.

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Policy Shapers — shaping policies for public good.

Policy Shapers focus in creating awareness about how government and private policies affects the public.

To make transparent their finances; Policy Shapers use Pandascrow's milestone payment, and crowd-funding payment option to receive funding from donors globally, thereby building trust and integrity in showing how each donation is being spent.

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Why market leaders are choosing Pandascrow

Here's what some of them are saying.

For Developers

Power your apps with our all-in-one escrow solution

Powerful APIs and easy-to-use resources

The Pandascrow API reference provides a detailed guide of all resources accessible via our API.

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Pandascrow API, plug-and-play

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Pandascrow API, plug-and-play

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