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#1 Escrow service in Nigeria

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Nigeria's most reliable escrow service provider.

Escrow is a mutual agreement between two transacting parties which enlists a third mutual party to temporarily hold funds, documents, assets, or valuables in escrow temporarily until the contract terms of the two transacting parties are met.

When the terms of a transaction are met, money, assets, or valuables held in escrow by the third party will be released to the appropriate recipient. The Internet has made things so easy, and now online shopping is the order of the day. However, with the comfort of online shopping comes risks of scams and fraud. In Nigeria particularly, scammers are rampant.

It is worse in the online marketplace where it is hard to verify vendors legitimacy. This creates the need for the more secure payment method escrow services provide.

Escrow eliminates these risks and ensures secure and seamless payments. There are a number of factors to consider when picking an escrow service in Nigeria. This includes;

  • Fees,
  • Customer support,
  • Legalization, and
  • Ease of service.

Here are 10 reasons Pandascrow is the escrow service you need.

  • We guarantee safe and secure online transactions.
  • We are Government approved as legal escrow service providers.
  • You can exchange finances and valuables without any risk of losing them.
  • You can get listed as a verified vendor on our platform.
  • We charge less than 3% of your transacting fee, which is less than most escrow service providers.
  • We deploy High-level security protocols to prevent hackers from getting in.
  • You can check for other verified vendors to shop from on our website.
  • You can set up your store in a fraud-free space where clients can trust you.
  • We allow you transact flexibly with any transaction method that is applicable to your business (e.g One-time, milestone, payme, crowd pay, and products).
  • The CEO's grandma' used the platform, yes it's that easy to use.

The next time you want to buy or sell online, whether, on Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, or an e-commerce website, it is strongly advised that you use an escrow service to protect your money and the transaction.

Would you like to know how to get started? Take my hands.

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