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Precious Tom

CEO, Co-founder

Behind All Features in Pandascrow App

Hello friends, we wish to walk everyone through our Journey, starting out with a series of blog articles on Medium, We’ll share stories behind some of our features on Pandascrow. The beauty of solving a problem that has existed a decade longer than many businesses, is you get to talk to or listen to so many people offer great ideas about what people want. There is a story behind every feature, and today we’d look at the relationship between the two types of Users on the Platform, Business Accounts & Personal accounts.

Tom: Sometime around 2019, I asked how possible it is to tell which of our users are “buyers/customers/clients” & “sellers/business/vendors/merchant”? this was to achieve a personalized experience for our users, be it, you needed to buy some product from Instagram or you wanna pay for a service “Gig economy”. After much brainstorming between, Imoh, Mercy, and Tom, One thing was clear, a multipurpose user wasn’t what we needed, yet the system had to be flexible. Then we arrived at a conclusion.

Business Accounts: A Business account on Pandascrow is basically, whoever is on the receiving end, if you receive payment on Pandascrow then you’re a business.

Personal Account: A Personal account on Pandascrow is basically, anyone making payments, so if you make a payment on Pandascrow then you’re an Individual

Mercy: Do we want to restrict our users to only buyers, if they sign up with a personal account option?

This singular question led us to the next feature, the Upgrade to a business account, even after you joined as an Individual account. this you can achieve with “ Setting > Update Account (tab) ”. That simple.

Create an account on pandascrow.io or log in to your dashboard to start using these features.

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