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Precious Tom

CEO, Co-founder

Go Borderless with Pandascrow Escrow in Nigeria

Despite the abundance of payment platforms promising to allow Nigerians to accept payments from any part of the world, none have really ever done a great job when it comes to delivering on their promise. If we are being honest with ourselves, we’ll all agree that they suck at it. The platforms may actually work, but they’ll put you through hoops just to get your money. They conjure up strong and unpleasant memories of the traditional banks asking for truckloads of information before your money can be sent to you, or before you receive it. Wonder why they put you through such arduous processes? They’ll tell you it’s “for security reasons.” And despite all of this, one of them is you Number 1. (Shakes head ‍)

Take a deep breath ‍. Let’s really look at this problem. Is it the traditional banks? The government? Or the product offering a solution to the cross-border transfer issues?

Well, whatever the problem is, they share a similarity — they make transferring money from another country into Nigeria incredibly difficult, so difficult it feels like rocket science. Sure they want to prevent fraud so you can receive money in Nigeria without proving you’re not a fraudster, and it’s fine. Not like we wish to mention a name in this article, but… hmmm!

Well, Pandascrow, being a safe haven for your transactions, is making a bold claim of being the easiest platform to receive money from other countries. On the Pandascrow website, simply click “Get Started” — which is simply the beginning of your account creation process.

From here, you can own a Pandascrow business account, then you can go on to creating a transaction depending on your preferred transaction type. One-time transaction? Milestone transaction? Crowd pay? Product transaction? Whatever your preference is.

Business Accounts: A Business account on Pandascrow is basically, whoever is on the receiving end, if you receive payments on Pandascrow then you’re a business. (Read previous article to learn more)

The process of creating this transaction to receive money would require you to provide your client’s email address, name and phone number. This would help Pandascrow send an invoice to their email tagging the person’s name within the email for a personalised feel. And when your client makes a payment, you will receive a notification stating that you’ve received payment from your client, but is within Pandascrow.

When you’ve completed the transaction, you can mark that transaction as received. This means, that transaction is complete, and your money would be released to your settlement account associated with your profile on Pandascrow.

Simple right?

Here’s a summary;

  • Sign up (Business Account)
  • Create Transaction (Send Invoice)
  • Client Pays
  • Fulfill transaction (Mark as delivered)
  • Client confirms transaction (Mark as received)
  • Pandascrow Releases Fund

Go with Panda on your next cross-border transaction. Visit Pandascrow.io today!

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