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Pandascrow expands payment possibilities with Fincra

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Pandascrow expands payment possibilities with Fincra.

Pandascrow expands payment possibilities with Fincra.

We're excited to announce that Nigeria's No 1 Escrow Startup – Pandascrow has partnered with fintech giant Fincra, for cross-border payment solutions.

Cross currency transactions in Nigeria tend to be complex, cumbersome, and expensive. Pandascrow is partnering with Fincra's infrastructure to eliminate these issues.

Payment solutions with Fincra's API

Fincra is a seamless payment infrastructure created for fintech and global businesses. They provide payment solutions that enable African businesses to accept local and international payments, make payouts globally and expand their market across borders.

Traditional payment processing methods are full of a lot of complexities such as;

  • Unreliable payment infrastructure,
  • Extensive paperwork,
  • Banking Regulations,
  • Country-specific regulations,
  • The strenuous payment process,
  • Expensive charges arise from transacting with African currencies.

These issues cause constraints in online transactions and business processes, thus hindering the growth of African businesses.

Pandascrow recognizes that though security is essential, hitch-free payment systems are also important to the growth of African businesses.

Is this collaboration necessary?

Pandascrow's escrow service provides scam protection to a range of businesses across varied sectors. We recognize that though security is essential, hitch-free payment systems are imperative.

Despite the rapid growth of commerce in Africa, cross-border payments remain a bottleneck factor in the progression of emerging markets. Hence, Pandascrow embarked on this partnership to provide its customers with improved, seamless payment service and to expand our global reach.

With Fincra's API, our users can accept and make local and international payments hassle-free

Why Fincra?

Fincra has developed a payment infrastructure that fits Pandascrow's needs. Their solution provides a streamlined and automated payment service while maintaining high-level security standards. Fincra's API integration enables us to;

  • Eliminate complexities of traditional payment methods.
  • Provide hitch-free local and international payouts for our users.
  • Offer hassle-free cross-currency payments to our users.
  • Expand our market with cross-border payment.

We are pleased with this collaboration as it allows us to provide our users with seamless payment service without compromising security.

We can't be more proud of joining up with Fincra in bringing the new future of commerce and simplicity in online transactions to our present. Cheers to more awesome things to come! ud83cudf89

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