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Pandascrow partners with Dojah for KYC, Onboarding and User Verification

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Pandascrow partners with Dojah for KYC, Onboarding and User Verification

We are excited to announce a partnership with Dojah, a user onboarding, KYC, and identity verification company. This partnership will allow Pandascrow to leverage Dojah's robust identity verification technology to verify individuals and businesses, providing fraud-free transactions in Africa.

While making our customer verification water-tight, the integration made possible by this partnership will simplify our onboarding process. To make this solution possible, Pandascrow will be integrating Dojah's BVN verification and KYC APIs into our platform. Our verification process will be simple, yet thorough.

Why Dojah?

With open data, Pandascrow projects that 1 in 14 Nigerian adults will fall victim to financial scams every year. The Federal Trade Commission of the United States reported that "consumers reported losing more than 5.8 billion dollars in 2021, an increase of more than 70 percent over the previous year," and "online shopping accounted for about $392 million in 2020."

With the prevalence of scams in online transactions, it only makes sense that we properly verify who joins our platform. Dojah's technology solves this problem for us.

Several businesses still rely on emails and annoyingly lengthy questionnaires as the first step to customer onboarding. This presents several challenges for users - forgetfulness, lack of time, and uncertainty about where to find their information. This in turn leads to delays and abandoned carts during the signup process.

"This type of partnership is imperative for the future of online businesses that are looking to provide the best user experience in today's online world," said Precious Tom, CEO of Pandascrow. "We are excited about this collaboration's opportunities for both companies."

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