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Will the upcoming 2023 elections revolutionize Nigeria?

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Precious Tom

CEO, Co-founder

2023 Upcoming Election Nigeria

Key points.

  • Concerns about the 2023 General Elections.
  • Should we trust the upcoming leaders?
  • A simple switch in power would not create the country we hope for. You have the power.
  • Campaigns, rallies, promises, and speeches; the past few weeks have been littered with all these in anticipation of the 2023 elections.

    Nigeria’s 2023 General Elections are slated to be held on the 25th of February, 2023 & 11th of March, respectively. As the Election date draws closer, you may be increasingly filled with different emotions; fear, apprehension, excitement, or worry.

    Your mind may be occupied with dozens of questions. Will the 2023 elections be just and fair? Am I sure my vote will count? Will the country be safe during & after the 2023 elections? Who should I vote for? What political party can be trusted to transform Nigeria?

    These questions are relevant. Although time would answer most of the questions, how can we know what political party and candidate to trust?

    Can we trust the upcoming leaders to revolutionize Nigeria?

    In every transaction, there are expectations from both parties. As citizens, we entrust the leadership of the country to candidates we believe would live up to our expectations. We hope they keep their end of the bargain by bringing the change they promised.

    It is important we consider whether the elected leaders will live up to the expectations of the people. The upcoming elections will not only shape the future of our country, but they will also impact our economy, security, growth, and stability.

    However, in every struggle for power, the tendency for lies, deceit, and empty promises will be present. How can we trust potential leaders in the upcoming 2023 elections?

    A key currency of trust is PROOF. What do the track records and previous achievements of the upcoming leaders tell you? Conduct thorough background checks on the candidates. Do they have any lingering court case(s)? What rumors surround their history? Don’t forget that there’s no smoke without a fire.  Please pay close attention to their past actions, their policies, and the promises they make during their campaigns.

    What values and principles do the candidates stand for? Do they align with yours? This will determine whether they have the right character and integrity to lead our country in the right direction. Also, do your own personal values promote peace, collective prosperity, and distributed wealth for all? Asking and honestly answering these questions will let you know if maybe the change you’re so desperate to see in our leaders should rather begin with you.

    In addition to researching the leaders, it's also crucial to stay informed about the election process itself. This can be done by staying updated on the electoral commission's regulations, observing the voting process, and monitoring the results till their final submission and tallying (vote recording).

    Do your part in delivering the change you want to see.

    The 2023 Elections hold promises of change and growth, but it's up to us to ensure that our trust in the upcoming leaders is not misplaced.

    By conducting thorough research, staying informed, and ensuring the election process is fair, we can take the first step in building a secure, trusted, and stable future for our country.

    Although, a simple switch in power is not enough to revolutionize Nigeria. The truth is change depends on each of us. Be the change you want to see.

    Do your part to make your environment safer, a little easier, and a little easier to live in. Inspire growth and progress in your immediate society. Protect the weak and vulnerable around you. Strive to be a trustworthy and upstanding citizen, who isn’t limited by tribe, religion, ethnic region, political group, social class, or personal bias.

    It takes a brick to build a tower. The world can change if we all lay our bricks withdue diligence.

    At Pandascrow we believe that by working together honestly, we can build a better future for our country and ensure that the leaders elected in the 2023 elections will live up to our expectations.

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