Simple, fair pricing

We only get paid when you earn.

For Local Transactions

2.25% + NGN 100

₦100 fee waived for transactions under ₦2,500. Local transactions fees are capped at ₦10,000.00, meaning that's the absolute maximum you'll ever pay in fees per transaction

For International Transactions

3.5% + NGN 100

Get paid by your customers from all over the world International cards are charged and settled in Naira by default, but you can also choose to get settled in USD.

Pricing Table

Currency Amount Escrow Fee Processing Fee
USD ($) 0 - 5,000 3.25% + $10 3.9%
5,000.01 - 25,000 1.50% 3.9%
25,000.01+ 0.89% 3.9%
NGN (₦) 0 - 500,000 2.25% + ₦100 2.5%
500,000.01 - 2,000,000 1.25% 2.5%
2,000,000.01 - 10,000,000 0.50% 2.5%
10,000,000.01+ 0.30% 2.5%

Common Question

How long does it take for me to get my money?

After the terms of the transaction have been met, Your money is automatically settled in your bank account the next working day (T+1). So payments received on Monday, for example, will be settled on Tuesday.

Can scrow be integrated into other platforms?

It's currently not possible, but we have a team of devoted developers working hard in making sure this is possible in coming months ahead.

Is it possible to get settled in USD?

No! You can only get settled in Local Currency

Do you offer transaction volume discounts?

Yup! Merchants who process large volumes enjoy a discount on the transaction fee.

Are you able to offer flat rate pricing for schools?

Yup! We offer flat rate pricing to accredited educational institutions. Kindly contact us at to learn more about flat rate pricing for schools.

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